Wider Curriculum

Our first Year 3 topic is ‘Footprints from the past’ where we will be learning lots about dinosaurs and fossils.

We started our topic by becoming paleontologists and digging for fossils. We thought about how we knew dinosaurs existed using the bones and fossils we found during our dig.

During our topic we will be exploring:

  • When and where dinosaurs existed- History
  • Dinosaur artwork-Art
  • Famous explorers- History/geography
  • Different dinosaur eras- History
  • Continental drift- International/geography
  • How we classify dinosaurs/other animals- Science
  • Types of rocks we would find fossils in- Science
  • Music found in dinosaur films-Music

We are sure the children will be excited to learn that the following topics will be covered and explored in Year 3:

Explorers and adventurers

Active Planet

Feel the force

Time and place, Earth and space

Let’s plant it


Can you find out an unusual fact about a dinosaur? Maybe you could even make a true/false questionnaire for your teacher!

Aside from our science, music, art, technology, ICT (which is all taught related to our topic), we also teach French every Tuesday.

The children generally enjoy French and are excited by the games and activities we play to help them remember the new language.

The focus this term will be greetings, numbers, colours and the days of the week.