How will social distancing work?

We will use year group bubbles and these will not mix at all with other year group bubbles. Children do not need to be 2M apart in their classroom as per the government guidance. When playing outside children will be reminded to play games that do not involve touch or getting close to each other. We have staggered breaks and lunchtimes and will take advantage of our huge field to ensure children don’t mix bubbles.

What will assemblies look like?

All assemblies will take place on TEAMs. We have been successfully using this during the partial reopening. Children stay in their classroom and the assembly is played on the large whiteboard.

Will children be supervised while washing their hands?

Yes children are supervised during the scheduled hand washing times or while using hand sanitiser. If children return from using the bathroom they will use hand sanitiser on entry to the classroom.

Will the school make sure parents don’t hang around after dropping children off?

We have a very tight procedure for dropping and collecting each day with different entrance and exit points. We are relying on our parents to support us with this by leaving the site promptly.

What will be in place to support children with the transition back to school?

We will increase the PSHE and wellbeing that we do with more opportunities throughout the day for short activities focusing on mindfulness, We will also start the term with lots of work about metacognition – this is thinking about how we learn and will help the children remember how we learn at school. We will be gentle and gradual as we ease back in ‘normal’ learning. This approach was successful for all the children who returned in the summer term.

What support will be available for children who are upset?

Our risk assessments will explain how we can support children. If your child is upset in the morning there will be extra adults to help.

What will school be like?

Please read our risk assessments under Covid-19 information. Before each year group comes back we will post a video on the website to show what the classrooms look like.

Can my child wear a mask?

Children may wear masks into school and can remove these safely in school. Disposable ones will be binned and reusable ones will need a bag to be kept in. The other measures in place mean that children don’t need masks in school. They will all face forwards on school and will only mix in their bubbles. Adults will keep distanced from children or use PPE if they need to be within 2M. Wearing a mask for the whole day may not be comfortable for children which is why the other measures are in place. If you are still concerned please discuss this with your class teacher or a member of SLT.