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Reading Rewards

At Great Heath, we run two reading reward schemes, designed to recognise and reward those children who read regularly at home.

In Reception and KS1, children take part in our RED TED scheme. RED TED stands for Read Every Day, Talk Every Day. We encourage children to read as much as they can with their parents, developing a shared love of reading and building up understanding and vocabulary. In KS2, children take part in Read to Succeed, with regular home reading the cornerstone of developing reading and comprehension.

Children earn prizes for their reading, starting with a sticker for 10 reads and going up to the top prize of an actual Red Ted for KS1 or a free book for those in KS2. However, the schemes have been so successful, that we have had to add extra layers of rewards. We thought that Platinum would be the top, but we’ve had to add a Diamond level for those children who just love to read!

10 Reads = Sticker
25 reads = Bronze certificate
50 reads = Special pencil
75 reads = Silver certificate
100 reads = Special badge
125 reads = Wristband
150 reads = Gold certificate + party
200 reads = Platinum certificate + Teddy bear/book
300 reads = Diamond certificate + bonus prize