Academy Vision and Values

We believe that learning should be memorable and engaging. Our curriculum links learning into exciting themes and encourages our pupils to immerse themselves in as many experiences as they can, both in and out of school. We actively promote a love of reading and books and welcome the extended use of our excellent library to do so.

We value creativity and are proud of our specialist rooms, which allow us to provide our pupils with the resources and space necessary to express themselves.

We encourage learning beyond the classroom through a wide range of enriching activities. Our pupils keep active through a broad range of sporting experiences, including competitive events against other local schools.

We recognise the many benefits of learning to play a musical instrument and give all Year 5 children the chance to do so, with the opportunity to continue learning in Year 6.

We aspire for all our pupils to leave us ready to flourish in the next stage of their education. We build on their diverse and firm foundations, giving them the confidence to try new things, whilst nurturing existing abilities and talents.

Above all we aim to ensure all our pupils leave us equipped with the skills, knowledge, understanding and character to make informed choices and to be successful in the next stage of their education and beyond.

This is encapsulated in our Motto – Great Hopes Achieved

We have 5 values built around the word GREAT. These are taught and developed through many experiences in the academy. Each value has linked attributes.

GREAT values & attributes