Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 web page.

Our exciting curriculum involves lots of motivating and stimulating subjects, which I hope your child has mentioned:

Literacy texts = “Holes”, “Carrie’s War” and “The Diary of Anne Frank” – flashback story, poetry, persuasive texts, Dragons Den activities, newspaper reports and plenty of schema and reading.

Maths = primarily focused on 4 operations last half term and now looking at other areas such as area, perimeter, statistics, measures etc.

Science = plenty of scientific enquiry with making circuits and learning about some scientific scientists.

RE = “The incarnation of God” and “How the tawhid creates a sense of belonging to the Muslim Community”


Please spend time encouraging your child to:

  • read regularly (15 mins before bed time)
  • practise and retain spellings
  • practise times tables (maybe as you are brushing your teeth???)
  • complete homework tasks (IPC, French, Maths)


It is all booked for July 2020 – deposits will be asked for before October half term once you have received the next letter. Remember there are limited spaces (only 30) and you need to get your payment in promptly.

Please feel to pay instalments through the year with your school payment book. For more information, please come in and speak to Mrs Adams.