Year 1


Welcome to Year One!


Thank you for supporting your child  it really does make a big difference to their progress. We do lots of counting in Year One, up to 100 and beyond, forwards and backwards! We count to and from 100 in tens and fives. We also count to and from 20 in twos. We use number lines, counters, numicon and dienes to help us add and take away. We will be dividing and multiplying using practical objects. We will be investigating fractions  looking at halves and quarters. We investigate and use number bonds to solve real stories (word problems).  Number bonds to 10 and 20 and telling the time using o’clock and half past continue to be Year One goals.


The children will be expected to write in full sentences using capital letters and full stops. Wherever possible encourage your child to form letters correctly, use an exclamation mark and question mark where appropriate.  We encourage the children to write freely using phonetically plausible spellings however they do need to know as many of the High Frequency Words as possible. These are in the homework book.  Also, being able to order and spell the days of the week, recite the letter names of the alphabet and write capital letters will help your child progress.

Phonics and reading

We will be carrying on with our daily phonics and guided reading activities. When reading at home here are a few games that you can play:

  • play phonics I Spy
  • make as many words as you can using only six letters of your choice
  • guess what the book is about just by looking at the cover
  • find another word that means the same thing
  • finding tricky words on food packaging or recipes
  • make up your own alien words using different sounds

It’s really important that children practice reading every day, even if it is just for 5 minutes! Please date and sign their reading record every time you hear your child read.


Our topic is Childhood. You can see our Knowledge Organiser here: Childhood


This will be given out on a Friday. Thank you for making this a success for your child. Please remember that homework is due in on a Thursday.

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