History Curriculum

You can download our History overview here: History Overview



At Great Heath academy, we inspire our children to be excited about the past and aim to equip them with the relevant skills and awareness to influence their present and future.

By the end of their journey through the Great Heath History curriculum all children will be able to understand the utilise the historical skills they have acquired. They will be aware of a vast array of historical and significant individuals, nationally and internationally. Throughout the children’s journey they will gain a chronological understanding of historical events and their impact, preparing them for the next step in their education. Furthermore. The children will have a comprehensive learning experience of relevant themes, including an understanding of the military and its connection to the academy; the British Values and democracy through time.



The History curriculum is taught through our topics. Where relevant literacy texts are taught that allow children to apply what they have learnt in their history lessons. It is always made clear what is fact and what is fiction. Sometimes texts may be taught at a different point in the year to the history topic to allow for the history knowledge to be revisited in a different context.



Teacher assessment, work and quizzes are used to gain understanding. Knowledge is revisited and built upon across lessons and topics.