We’ve been working extremely hard and using our imagination brilliantly in English.


This term in topic we have begun to learn about Making New Materials. For our entry point, we looked at ice hands which had been frozen using different properties of water, such as tap water, boiled water and salt water. We discussed the differences and how any changes they had noticed. We are going to investigate many different materials and how they can be changed.


We read every day in our class. It helps us to develop our imagination, find some amazing words to use in our writing and keep our brain fit and healthy. We’ve also started a reading challenge in our class. Whoever reads the most books at home and in school by the end of the year, will receive a prize so please encourage your child to read and help them win that prize.

We’ve recently been introduced to some dogs who will help us with our reading comprehension skills. We are pleased to introduce you to:

Victor Vocabulary – will help you to undertand the meaning of unkown words and phrases using context clues.

Rex Retriever – is there to go into a text and help you simply retrieve the facts and key details.

Summarising Sheba – is there to remind you to summarise the main points or main events of a paragraph or text

Predicting Pip – tries to see the future and she will help you to work out what might happen next from clues in the text. 

Inference Iggy – will help you hunt for clues in a text about how someone might be feeling or why something is happening.

Cassie the Commentator – discusses the content of a paragraph/text and compares events and characters. Can you do the same?

Arlo the Author – likes to help you to spot examples of ambitious vocabulary and figurative language, and explain how the words/phrases that have been used add to the meaning of the text. 

The Reading Skill Dogs are really helping – they’re quite cute too!