Art Curriculum

You can download our Art overview here:  Art And Design Overview


Art is an integral part of our curriculum, giving pupils the skills and knowledge to access all areas of learning and express their creativity and emotion through art.

The progression of skills and knowledge throughout the curriculum ensures children are exposed to, and develop, a wide range of artistic skills building upon their fine motor skills through a range of experiences and opportunities. Art encompasses the use of painting, drawing, 3D work and printing to teach a progression of skills and knowledge, including self-evaluation and comparison. This is done through links to cultural capital, influential artists, art movements and the use of different media and materials from around the world. Pupils will learn to appreciate and recognise the work of different artists.


The Art curriculum is taught through our topics. We use our purpose built art room to deliver lessons, providing space and equipment needed. Skills are built upon from Nursery to Year 6 and a wide range of styles and artists are taught. Pupils keep samples of their work in scrapbooks that move through the school with them allowing them to revisit skills and techniques they have learnt.


Pupils’ knowledge and skills progress throughout school as they improve their artistic skills and interpretation of work. Pupils learn about a wide range of influential artists and can recognise pieces of their art work.