You can download our Computing overview here: Computing overview


At Great Heath academy, Computing is given a high profile with pupils exposed to technology in every lesson. Computing is promoted throughout the school day with registration, online reward systems and the way lessons are delivered. The Computing curriculum covers coding in discrete lessons and supports other areas of the curriculum through using computers for research or presenting work.

Online safety is threaded throughout the curriculum to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to make safe choices online.


Pupils have access to a fully resourced ICT room alongside a suite of laptops, tablets and iPads throughout the school. The curriculum has been designed to build on skills , year on year to prepare them for the next stage of their education.


Teacher assessment and work is used to gain understanding. Knowledge is revisited and built upon across lessons and topics. Pupils know coding and how computer programs work as well as being able to use computer programs to enhance learning in other areas of the curriculum..