French Curriculum

You can download our French overview here: French Overview



Being not only accepting but appreciative of cultural diversity is vital to our school culture adn core values at Great Heath Academy.

The study of languages enables children to develop the skills and confidence to acquire intercultural competencies and consider themselves as world citizens, who are part of  a multi-cultural, mutually respectful world. Our view is that learning a language should start early and should be engaging. We ensure this by providing our pupils with relevant content and vast opportunities to acquire, practice and consolidate basic vocabulary, sentences and other language skills. We further believe that it is crucial to teach language learning strategies, which allow pupils to take ownership in their own learning and provide them with the tools to be successful learners of other languages.

We aim to support pupils to understand other countries and cultures so that they can be more open and adaptable to new experiences. Ultimately, we wish for our pupils to have a love of languages and to become curious and respectful of the world around them.


A communicative approach enables pupils to practice the language in realistic contexts and scenarios, using authentic material wherever possible to make learning engaging and relevant.


Teacher assessment and work are used to gain understanding. Knowledge is revisited and built upon across lessons and topics.